Professional Qualifications




June 2015 - September 2015




January 2013 - October 2013


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Training at D2 Teaching Level

University of Central Lancashire


Certificate in Research Degree Supervision

University of Central Lancashire


October 2013

Secure Data Service (SDS) Approved Researcher



October 2002 - May 2006

Research Training Courses in Statistics and Career Development

Lancaster University, Lancaster



October 2002 - May 2005

(Self-taught) Learning to use Stata and SPSS

Lancaster University, Lancaster



October 2001 - June 2002

Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Lancaster University, Lancaster



October 1997 - August 1999

Diploma in Pedagogy for Higher Education Lecturers

Faculty of Economic Studies in Foreign Languages

Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania



- English (fluent)

- Romanian (fluent/native)

- French (fluent reading and understanding)

- Italian (basic use)

- Spanish (basic use)

- German (basic understanding of some written academic terms).

Welcoming the opportunity to improve language knowledge if a specific language usage were to be required.


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