5. Books / Thesis


Whyman, P. B. and Petrescu, A. I. (2017) The Economics of Brexit. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the UK's Economic Relationship with the EU. Palgrave.

Necula, E., Naftanaila, I. and Petrescu, A. I. (2001) Dictionary of Human Resources: English-Romanian. Bucharest: Ed. Tehnica.


PhD Thesis - Topic: Labour Economics

Petrescu, A. I. (2008) 'The Impact of Workplace Practices on Company and Employee Performance in Britain', Ph.D. Thesis in Economics, Labour Economics Specialisation. Department of Economics, Lancaster University, Lancaster. July. Doctoral Supervisors (Lancaster University): Professor Steve Bradley and Professor Robert Simmons. External PhD Thesis Examiner: Professor Sarah Brown (Sheffield University)