Teaching and supervision activities

Alina's teaching has encompassed a large variety of roles in more than a decade of work at UCLan, essentially in economics, business and management-related teaching and thesis supervision.  These have included PhD, MPhil and MBA thesis supervision, undergraduate dissertation supervision, internal PhD examiner, and module leader / tutor on Master and Undergraduate modules.

Some of the topics Alina has supervised and taught include: Labour Market Economics, International Labour Markets, Employee Wellbeing, Labour Market Discrimination, Human Capital, Europe and the World Economy, The Economics of Brexit, Microeconomics, International Economics, Trade, Globalisation, Business Economics, Business Environment, Public Goods, Economic Inequality, Regional Development.

Alina has designed and delivered teaching content on these following:

International Labour Markets (BU4101) - Postgraduate (Masters) level, Year-long, Module Leader: Alina

Labour Market Economics (EC3004) - until Sep 2022 - Undergraduate level, 3rd Year, Year-long, Module Leader: Alina

Europe and the World Economy (EC3408) - until Sep 2022 - Undergraduate level, 3rd Year, Year-long, Module Leader: Alina

Intermediate Principles of Economics - Microeconomics (EC2002) - until Sep 2021 - Undergraduate level, 2nd Year. Semester Two.

Business Economics - from September 2021 - Undergraduate level, 2nd Year, Year-long, Module Leader: Alina

Current Issues in International Economics (EC3008) - from September 2022 - Undergraduate level, 3rd Year, Year-long, Module Leader: Alina

Economic Aspects of Trade, Growth and Development (EC3007) - from September 2022 - Undergraduate level, 3rd Year, Year-long, Module Leader: Alina


General view of Alina's teaching and supervision activities: 

Classroom-based teaching: an average of 8 weekly hours of lectures/ seminars/ workshops per 24 week-teaching year at UCLan

Doctoral student supervision for PhD, MPhil and MBA thesis

Course curriculum design and development for lecture, seminar and workshop content

Face-to face and on-line teaching delivery

On-line and e-mail student teaching and learning support

Virtual learning environment use: via Skype, Microsoft Teams (more recently); Blackboard and TurnItIn (2012-present); WebCT and TurnItIn (2008-2012)

Internal moderator since 2014 - second-marker and advising/moderating assessment and module content for various modules

Research informed-teaching:

- where relevant to her teaching, Alina has included in her modules numerous topics informed by her own research. This has been enabled by teaching as well as researching in the area of Labour Economics.

- the choice of textbooks used in Alina's teaching is made based on the textbook covering empirical analysis (peer-reviewed references) and having a research-led design

Alina have obtained high satisfaction ratings from her students, as evidenced by the mid-semester and end-of-semester Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQs).

Alina has conducted exam test pilots, enabling students to choose whether they wrote their exam by hand or computer-assisted

Alina has offered mentoring to junior staff. 

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